2017 Keynote Speakers


Shauna Heller

Shauna Heller

Founder, Clay Park VR

After a year and a half as a Developer Relations Specialist at Oculus, Shauna Heller founded Clay Park, the first VR strategy and advisory firm for institutions, corporations and developers. At Oculus, Shauna managed engagement with non-gaming VR developers across education, enterprise, advertising, music and medicine, to name but a few. Her work included spending many hours in VR reviewing content, coaching developers and their clients on best practices for creating VR apps, and how to ship content on the platform. After exiting Oculus Shauna assumed three board positions with developers doing compelling work in non-gaming VR and AR to help guide platform development.

In addition, through Clay Park Shauna executive directs initiatives focused on introducing the mediums of 360° video and virtual reality into education and enterprise applications, including being a partner on Oculus’ VR For Good project, “360 High School Challenge,” which transforms students into 360 storytellers. Clay Park also provides executive VR and AR strategy services to multiple Fortune 200 clients. Prior to joining Oculus, Shauna was an LA-based director of business development for boutique creative tech and content companies working in AR/VR/AI with partners spanning entertainment, advertising, major theme parks and beyond.


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